Working on MY iPad: Struggling for focus and concentration.

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One of the reasons I love working on the iPad is the ability that had to kept me focused on the task on hand instead of the 1000 other things that use to happen while working on the MacBook before. There is no secret that I do around 90% of my work on the iPad for there is that other 10%.

Let’s clarify that I think with enough time and a lot of effort I can do most likely everything on that 10% on the iPad, the problem is the MacBook, is much more efficient doing those, so there is no sense spending the time and effort.

Since I use the MacBook so little I decided to delete all, and start from scratch. Basically only install software on a if-needed basis. One of those applications that made the cut is Scrivener. I write on plain text, on the iPad, but after the text always goes to Scrivener before goes to the editor and after it come back for final preparation so I can release the files to the world. I have a new book coming in two weeks (as on February 28) and another one that it’s getting shipped to the editor as I write this text. Both process happen in there. That means I have been working on the Mac the last couple of days.

The interesting thing was, that because it doesn’t have many things installed, I was able to work and focus much more than what I remembered was possible while I worked on that machine. I move to the iPad only, because I constantly struggle for focus and concentration, I get distracted so easy. I had acquire too many bad habits that I used on that MacBook that didn’t allow me to be productive. It was interesting how much more productive I was able to be now that it isn’t my main machine.

Does that mean I am planning to get back to the MacBook? No.

Does that mean I am getting rid of my iPad? No.

As I continue struggling with focus and concentration, it means is that I may need to revisit how the iPad works. What I do on the iPad. Understand what made my relationship with working on the MacBook end badly and how I can prevent that to happen on the iPad.

I spend hours in front of the iPad, writing, reading, thinking and more. I need to understand what help me to maintain the focus and what take it away. Protect those that help me maintain the focus and remove the others to another device, or another page or something. I have not yet figure it out, but I will for sure share the journey here.

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  1. very interesting subject, – in the meantime, did you find some clues on what makes you focus better when working on the iPad than on the Mac?
    Best regards, Cornelia

  2. Dear Cornelia,

    As a matter of fact I have discover some. I will do better on the Mac if I could disable COMMAND+TAB.

    Because you need to touch the iPad to change applications the process is slow enough to break my thinking process and I can catch myself before I change to the next application.

    While on the Mac, I can do Command+Tab and never take my hands out of the keyboard not stop my train of though.

    Many years ago I experience a similar problem with the Internet and the use of the browser. The solution at the time was to install two browsers, one for work and one for play.

    On the Mac it is a little more challenging to create two users, one for play and one for work, but it may be a solution of that kind that will help me. Every time you can change what you are doing without noticing your productivity gets hurt. That’s what I think happens with me on the Mac.

    Using the iPad all those changes are fast enough to be possible but require enough attention to force you to notice the change on your thinking process.

    The iPad force me to do one task at the same time, that increase how effective I am versus the Mac that make Multitasking really easy.

    So far, it is what I think and have been able to identify as the problem.

    Have you experience the same?


    Augusto Pinaud

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