Where are your Goals?

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Where are your Goals? and how do you know if you are going to reach them? How do you know if you are in the right track?

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Image Courtesy of http://artjunk.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/collage.jpg

I have talk in the past about writing everything down in here http://theentrepreneurnotes.com/2009/05/08/writing-stuff-down/

When I begin writing everything down, I begin to be accomplish goals, it is true that were your attention goes, result shows, I have been able to quit smoking, to read more, spend quality time in other areas of my life, not without mistakes, not without miscalculations, but I have been able to accomplish them, and everything began when I wrote my goals down.

You want to accomplish anything? Write it down and revise it constantly, and you will. I have my goals separated in three categories, Personal, Family and Career. I check them often, I read them often, for only one reason, it is the only way that I know that I can get back on track to accomplish them.

I had a the beginning of this year a reading goal, 24 books. Usually I am able to read more, (last year count 38) The reason I got the number lower was because we have a new Baby and I did not knew how much time I was going to be able to spend reading. In June, I raise the goal, to 52. (As this writing I have read 37). I understand you do not want to track the number of books you read, because you read for pleasure, but I have discover that if I do, even that I read for pleasure, I find the time to read, I find more time if I write it down as a goal that if I am not.

Same thing happen with goals, when you write them down, you bring them to your attention and you begin working on them, you begin unconscious make little steps towards the completion of the goal.

So were are your goals. In your mind. Great! Mine are written down, and your should be written down now, in fact you should begin written them now. Go grab a piece of paper, and a pen and written down. I will be waiting for you.

Did you wrote them down? Go and do it is important.

Now the challenge, read this goals for the next week everyday. After that you will see how much you move towards them, comparing to before, in most cases, you will get more closer to this goals in this week, that what you have done in the last month.

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