When life change. Waiting for Tomás

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Almost four years ago our life radically changed. My wife and I were pregnant of our first daughter. Alicia had been one of those wonderful things in our life, she has come to change realities and disarm truths; while creating a new reality and a new truth.

I never thought that life would had change so much when you have a daughter, but I am the first one to admit that the journey had been incredible. See how they do things that you had try to change and improve for years on yourself. When they answer you with that ingenuity that only a child can use to answer. When they disarm you with a simple: I love you.

Our life is going to change again, Tomás is on his way to change it even more, change the truths that we have left y disarm the realities that we thought were established with new ones. I am sure he and Alicia will find ways to make us understand, that what we think we know is not true.

When we learn that Alicia was on her way, I remembered how I thought that out life wasn’t going to change much and I continued laughing at myself on how much everything had changed, how radical the change had been and honestly, I will not changed for anything in this world.

This time I am ready for everything to change and I am counting the hours to see how everything transform itself into incredible and unexpected again.

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