When are you going to let your fears stop you?

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When are you going to let your fears stop you? Yes, you read that fine. It wasn’t a mistake, and your answer most likely was that I was crazy. Regardless your fears stop you constantly, sabotage you, and distract you for that goal or dream you have. The worst part is that you allow it; you let your fears do it.

Seth Godin had said a lot about what he called the Lizard Brain. The objective of the Lizard Brain is protect you, is to generate fear so you don’t do anything and stay on that place that you are fine, safe and protected. That means that anything that it doesn’t know how it is going to go, should be avoided.

The big question is when are you going to do something about it, or you are simply going to let it stop you. I wish I could give you 25 steps to beat your own Lizard Brain and accomplish this, but in my experience it is a unique journey. You need to constantly beat the Lizard Brain.

When you prove that something it is not as dangerous as your Lizard Brain is trying to make you believe, it is going to stop nagging you and let you do it. Be aware that the Lizard Brain job is to scan danger, so even if it accept that there is no danger on that little thing you just prove, it will continue, and stop you in the next step. To make things worse, it will learn the technique you use to beat it the last time, so it use a different strategy to win.

The good news, is that you don’t need to do anything. If you regardless decided to do something about it, ask: When are you going to let your fears stop you? After you remember how absurd this is, wake up and work until the Lizard Brain discover the answer to that question. At that point, she will win again and your job will be to identify how to beat it once more.

3 thoughts on “When are you going to let your fears stop you?

  1. Always good to remember the Lizard Brain….since our human brains tend to forget! Nice post, and nice reminder to push through the fear and move on. Now if I could only get Lizard Brain and Monkey Mind to play nice I’d be all set!

  2. Well, I tend to have better luck with the Monkey than the Lizard. At least the monkey is willing to play in the area I told is good for it. The lizard will not move ever from that hiding spot.

    How about you?

  3. I’ve not struggled with Lizard Brain that much…keeping my mind quiet and focused, i.e., making Monkey Mind sit still, is more my challenge. Maybe I have a lazy Lizard Brain who only comes out occassionally and naps otherwise. Meditation has helped MM, but so has iPadOnly, oddly enough. 🙂

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