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So, you’re here for the party? Yesterday was quite the event over at Belinda Boring and Vicki Keire’s, hmmm? Fallen angels and swoonworthy shifters… would they be tricks, or treats? Or both? Don’t forget to pop on over to award winning romantic suspense writer Ann Charles’ site to check out her new book, Dance of the Winnebagos! And right now, I’m at Augusto Pinaud’s, author of the crime thriller The Writer. So, you’re in the right place. Welcome to The Blog Tour de Force’s first virtual Halloween gala, Masquerade!

Yes, party people, I’m hanging out here at Augusto’s, perusing his novel The Writer en masque. So that makes this more than a blog tour; more than a prize fest; more, even, than a masquerade.

What we have on our hands, ladies and gentlemen, is a mystery.

Ah, a mystery. George Mason, the main character in Augusto’s The Writer, also faces a mystery: he’s published three books that aren’t really his. They arrive in unmarked envelopes with the promise of money. Three hit books and some unwanted attention from the FBI later, and George Mason wants out. After refusing to publish a fourth manuscript, suddenly everyone’s out to get him. Quite the hook, isn’t it? Here’s what Augusto’s reviewers had to say about it: here and here.

I have so much in common with George, including drinking too much coffee. Waaaay too much coffee. And like George, I wish real life would just go away and leave me in peace to write my masterpiece. (Ha! As if.) But who am I, really? Since every correct guess gets you closer to winning that Kindle, let me give you a little hint: “My Halloween costume is blue this year, and a maybe a little too close to the edge.”

And if a brand new Kindle isn’t enough, Augusto is giving away a free ebook with every comment. Be sure to leave your email! He’s also got a great giveaway of his own: One of the lucky commenters will get a signed copy of The Writer and a bag of George’s favorite Coffee. Also a Mug, so you can drink the coffee.

Besides Augusto’s novel, I found a lot of Kindle and Smashwords bestsellers that are going to keep me up at night this entire Masquerade tour!

Belinda Boring’s swoonworthy shifters in Cherished, where you meet an Alpha who’s both strong and intensely loving. Mason’s not afraid to show it, either, especially where his mate Darcy is involved.  (Did I mention swoonworthy?)

Lacey Weatherford’s The Demon’s Kiss is a YA Paranormal treat, with a few tricks thrown in for spice! If you love a good bad boy, this one’s for you.

Amber Scott’s first book in her new Soul Thieves series, Soul Search, introduced me to the sizzling, tormented Grant, who struggles (literally) with his inner beast. What’s better than a hot guy with inner demons? An inner wolf, of course!

So what do you think? Do I write horror? Will my novel thrill you, chill you, or romance you? Good luck with your guesses, and remember that every single comment wins you a free book! Don’t forget to leave your email, so Augusto can keep you updated about forthcoming books! Stop by the main Blog Tour de Force site at http://www.blogtourdeforce.com/Blog_Tour_de_Force/Home.html for more authors, prizes, and a chance to win that Kindle!

124 thoughts on “Welcome to Blog the Tour: Masquerade!

  1. I know I’m a little late, but I’m still here! My guess is Vicki Keire. Can’t wait to read The Writer; I’ve heard great stuff about it.

    jbfinch at gmail dot com

  2. I have no idea. What a good disguiser. I’m guessing it’s Vicki. And I still can’t wait to read all these amazing books!

  3. I’m so late to this party…but I heard it was all weekend so HERE I AM! WOOT! This tour is so much fun!

  4. Finally catching up, I have been sick. So my guess, hmm…. I think I will go with Jeremy Rodden. Complete guess of course. Thanks for the fun!

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  5. Okay, I read all the blogs and I think I got at least a few of the “maskateers” figured out. Can I put 12 posts on each blog for each author to have my bases covered??? 😛 LOL 🙂 Crossing my fingers for the Kindle, so I can share it with my neice!

    I love the Blog Tour de Force!! This is the 4th I’ve participated in. I’m on a very limited income, so this is a great way to get some free books and I’ve discovered some great new authors I didn’t know before!! Looking forward to discovering more authors through this Tour!

    Well – here goes: My “maskateer” guess is Todd Gallowglas
    Can’t wait to read all these wonderful books!!

    missyebookmail [at] mediacombb [dot] net

  6. I think all my mail from the 19th got bumped and I did not receive my code. Would you please re-send. I’m not sure what happened!
    Thanks!! Can’t wait to read your book.

    Laura G.

  7. I don’t seem to have received the email either. It’ll be great if you can resend for me as well, thanks! 🙂


  8. The writer sounds like a great book, I can’t wait to read it!
    But I’m not sure if I’m still sticking with Lacey , lol. I’m not really good at guessing. But I’ve done this before and I’m haveing fun reading all the blogs!

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