Unplug the Internet Cable

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This week on the #ProdChat (Wednesday 8:00 P.M. EST) we discussed about the good and bad of email. At certain point someone mention that the problem was that the temptation to open the email is huge and once this happened, many hours are wasted and there was many times no chance to return to the original task.

I mentioned then that on those days that it is hard to focus, I simply unplug the internet cable, turn off the modem and I leave myself totally solitude.

This force me to focus or see a blank browser page. Many times this is enough to help me (and motivate me) to begin the task, at least to work on the why my attention is on a different place than where I need it. Once certain amount of time pass I simply plug it again.

This time in which it isn’t possible to be online, it is always fantastic, specially because even when I get distracted, I have no place to go, other than the blank browser page.

Have you ever try unplug your internet cable to work? Why not?

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