The Mystic Cabin.

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There aren’t many writers or aspiring writers that I know that hadn’t dreamed with a cabin in witch they can hide and write. The one in the picture is Neil Gaiman’s. (He call it a Gazebo). A cabin where to sit and share hours, where no one interrupted the conversations that we had and hadn’t with our stories. (in many cases without internet and cellphone signal.)

Sometimes as a writer the only thing you can do is hide in your cabin and allow the demons, or muses, or the voices came and do their job.

Should had been the combination of a horrible winter and the presence of all the mentioned elements that make Mark Twain said that famous phrase: “”The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

The rumors of mine had been exaggerated also. The reality is that I have been busy with a series of projects that will begin showing up soon. The translation and edit of my first two novels into spanish, plus I the third one that it is planned to be released to the market in spanish and english at the same time (the tentative tittle is: Quarry) and another project that I am not ready to reveal, but that I will be talking about soon.

At some moment in the first six months of this year something happened that wasn’t unexpected. As a writer, there is a moment when things changed, a moment when you stop being an aspiring writer and you stop aspiring and begin to simply be a writer. In that moment the things changed from: I hope to someday be a writer to be one. In that moment I understood that I wasn’t aspiring anymore, after many years I had finally arrived.

It was then, when I shut myself into the mystical cabin, leaved the excuses outside and I sit and write. I write as like honestly I hadn’t written in many years.

The fact is that something had changed. I hope that soon all those projects that had me shut in the mystical cabin began to show up, until then, it is time to return and continue writing in my mystical cabin.

Until next time.

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  1. My home office is in the middle of our house; I know that’s bad feng shui, but it was the best bedroom to sacrifice for it. I think that does contribute to the feeling that work is more the center of my life than it needs to be, so I spend a lot of psychology energy trying to move it more to the periphery.

    I’ve noticed that it’s really helpful to go to a specific place to accomplish a specific purpose. Today I went to a Red Mango to write an article–I wrote a 1,300-word SharePoint article on my Xoom there. I was focused. Everything just seemed to flow. I fleshed out my thoughts on a 3.5-mile hike in the woods just before I set those thoughts to words over a strawberry-banana smoothie.

    It all seemed so easy. Yet, I know that if I had tried to write that same article in my home office it would have been like pulling teeth and I might not have even gotten the first paragraph written.

    I’ve often thought about renting a small office space outside my house for my work, but I fear that it would likewise become a place that I do more resisting of work rather than doing work. I’m currently thinking that the productivity boost and focus comes from the novelty of the location rather than the location itself. I could probably be productive there for a few days, maybe even a week or two, then it would become another place where I resisted work.

    However, that does bring up an idea. Places like Neil Gaiman’s gazebo would be an awesome place to work for a short while. It would be cool if there was a web site where people with cool places like this could rent them (maybe on a daily or weekly basis) to creative types like us that just want to get away to a unique place for a specific project.. For a lot of people, it would be space that would be unused anyway, so why not make a few bucks from it. If there aren’t any amenities or electricity, there wouldn’t be any other costs. The renter would be expected to clean up after himself and leave the place like he found it, ready for the next person. I wouldn’t think the renter would need to pa more than a few bucks per day.

    Now that I think about it, I guess I could post on Craig’s List that I would like to rent a place like this where I could just get away and think, write, or work on some other creative project. I just need a great view, a good place to sit, and a good table for my tablet or laptop, and protection from the elements. Electricity, WiFi, and plumbing would be nice, but not required—I’ve got batteries and 4G Internet if I need it and as long as there is a gas station or restaurant within about a 15-minute drive, I don’t need plumbing either. I can take a cooler with snacks and beverages.

    Well, it looks like I’ve got a project… 🙂 I’m off to post this on Craig’s list. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the comment Ricky. I am sure mine is also located in the wrong side, and I would love to move it to the center of the house (our dinning room, my favorite room in the house), but after I quit searching for life balance, that center element stop being as relevant. I now aim for synchronicity, not balance. Balance I think doesn’t exist (I was unable to find it) but synchronicity I reach many times per week.

    Recently helping a friend, I told her that she wasn’t allowed anymore to write in her home office. Writing in my opinion is something that you need to enjoy, at least in my case, writing is something that unless I am enjoying what I am writing and where I am sitting it is a painful process (and the result is not great) I will encourage you to look for a different place for work and writing. My writing desk is for that, I work somewhere else. I don’t know if you need a working place (specially if you can work on your home office well) but a different kind of place, a place to think and write. Make sure you clarify what that new environment goal is. It is harder to do everything everywhere, and much easier to have spaces for specific activities. I deep think in the dinning room (my favorite room in our house), write in my writing desk, and work on the kitchen table. I can do that anywhere else, but help me get into the correct mood and boot my focus.

    It will be cool to rent something like that for a week, but I know that writers rent hotel rooms, for the same purpose, not as fancy, but as effective. You go, rent it for a couple of days or weeks work and get back and sleep at home. It is like a temp office.

    Keep me posted on the Craig List idea… Have a great Weekend!

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