Running from the Bull. It is Social Media running towards your business.

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Social Media is an interesting animal, you go to Facebook, Linkedin, Twiiter or Friendfeed and can connect to many people in the world, more importantly if you are an entrepreneur you can even connect with your customers, suppliers and vendors. Risky business, no question about it. Social Media is like a bull, and you are in Pamplona streets, doesn’t matter if you are ignoring the bull, you are in the streets anyways, eventually you will need to run.

One of the problems with Social Media, is that the distinction between personal and professional is blurry, if you get out in the open with Social Media, people will find your company, your person, and tied them together, no more distinction between my day job and my life after work.

In my case, among other things, I write, but I am also a Sales Manager, doesn’t matter how good or bad is our Social Media involvement, eventually people tied them both, eventually, people find both feeds, eventually, people learn that your baby did not allow you to sleep and that you are happy for a great deal you just sign, unless, you decided to hide from the Bull.

Close your Twiiter, close your Facebook, close your linked in account, or embrace them, show the real you, take the risk, and get ready to run, because, with Social Media as well as the people in Pamplona during the Bull days, or you run, or you will need to confront that Bull one on one.

Are you ignoring Social Media? The bull? Are your shoes tied?

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