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As I gave expressed before here, my first novel (even if it is the second one I wrote) just shipped to the editor for corrections.

Sadly, I got behind, so I wasn’t unable to write a much as I want for Nanowrimo, and this year I am not going to be able to reach that goal.

The good news is that I am already working on the next novel, and that is the topic of this post.

People wonder why I continue writing if you don’t know if I will be able to sell the first novel, or even if will be a good one, then why invest the time working on the next one.

I guess is the blessing and the curse of the writer, you put all what you have, and hope to produce the best you can, if that doesn’t work, then you work on the next one, and you work hard again putting the best you have to produce the best you can, and simply hope that it will work.

If it doesn’t work, you know that you can always begin again. I wrote ‘The Writer’ three times, because I wasn’t happy in any way with the first two drafts, both were over fifty thousand words, and the third one was over forty thousand only, but was something I was happy with.

Writing seems something fast, simple and easy, but the reality is that even though is fun, it is not fast, simple or easy, you write the line and later discover that what you tough was incredible later on you notice how poor it was, and you need to come back and begin once again.

The next triller/crime novel is in the works, and I hope to have it done soon.

2 thoughts on “On writing the next novel

  1. I think you’ve got it right Augusto. For some reason, so many people think of writing is a very different art when compared to other art forms such as painting or music.

    No one would ask a painter why she was painting a new picture before selling the rights to her last painting. And no one would ask a musician why he was writing another song before signing a record deal for the last song.

    Creative people create because, well, that’s what we do. That’s what makes us creative. And all that creating improves the next thing we create. We don’t even have to finish one thing before we start creating something else. We just create. Painters paint. Composers compose. Writers write.

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