About me

20130109-093201.jpgI am a Best-Seller Author in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and France that enjoy Connecting Invisible Dots for People and Organizations.

It is through the art of Observing and Connecting Invisible Dots that I have been able to be a Success-driven in Sales & Business Development. Many of my Professional sales achievements are in highly technical, competitive, and international markets. Doing this I am able to Deliver consistent and sustainable revenue gains and profit growth through innovative strategies and solutions. I Excel at negotiating and securing highly competitive contracts with C-level decision makers and I am Committed to delivering win-win results for customers and company stakeholders.

Also, I use my observations skills to help others Connect their own set of Invisible Dots. As a Productivity Author, I work hard to help people see the dots around them, I coach people how to find those invisible marks, how to be more productive, how to rediscover their own common sense.

Finally, I have combined my ability to connect invisible dots with my passion and love for sales to turn myself into a sales enablement expert delivering results and innovative solutions for customers and company stakeholders.

Being Bilingual in Spanish and English and having a deep understanding of how cultures work not only allow me to have success in Sales and Business Development as well as Books, Keynotes, Coaching and more.

I love working, connecting, teaching and helping people being better, accomplish more, and reach farther. I do this constantly with coaching clients, peers, customers and more.

My goal is simple: helping people create small changes in their lives, that produce big impact and results. I do this while having fun regardless if I am selling, developing business, writing, speaking, coaching or training people.